Friday, November 30, 2012

Burlesque Betty Sneak Peek Preview and SURPRISE! Part 2

Hello, everybody! Here is the other project for the Burlesque Preview and Release that I promised to show you!

This is Betty Burlesque!!!

Betty Burlesque New Year's Eve Hat! Thank you to the lovely Rio for giving me this idea. I am so wearing this on New Year's!!!
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Betty Burlesque Sneak Peak - Day 6 and a SURPRISE!

Hello, everyone!!! Today is Day 6 of the preview for the Burlesque collection! But wait there is a Surprise today, too! The release is today instead of tomorrow!!!

A bit risque no? Still I think she's going to make for a wonderful anything! Think of the fun guy cards, the funny puns you can come up with! Forget the diamonds... This "pearl" is sure to become your best friend!

...and now for the SURPRISE... It is now officially RELEASE DAY!
WHOOOP! With my system going down for maintenance on Saturday these cuties are releasing a day early...yep that means today Friday Nov. 30th! Whhooohooo!
Now for Betty Pearls I got two themes to complete; Glitzy/Glitter and Halloween!
Here are my versions of Betty Pearls!
Shake Your Tail Feathers! This is Betty Pearls in all her glittery glory! I just had to give her pink hair! She looks like a piece of candy! And yes, the pearls on her are covered in liquid pearls!
Peek-a-Boob! This is Betty Pearls in a darker role. She wants to say Hi for Halloween!

Thank you for sticking with us these past few days, we really appreciate all
your comments and support.

Please check out the DT's awesome creations with the last two!

I must apologize but I do not have the last project ready. I will be posting it before noon today for your viewing pleasure. 

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Burlesque Bettys Sneak Peek - Preview Day 5

Hello, all! It's Day 5 of the preview days for the Burlesque Bettys Collection! Today we have a tantalizing image!

Well thank goodness for that or Betty Feathers may be giving you all a PEEP show, no peek a BOOB here! She's all covered up and ready to shake them tail feathers!

It's Betty Feathers! And my theme for today is the 4th of July!

Stand Up and Be Proud! I must say I am not completely happy about how this one came out. I do love how the image came out but the card seems to be lacking something. Hmmm....I'll figure it out, I'm sure. Well, other than that, I have to say Betty Feathers is one of my faves from this collection. She is just so cute and sassy!
I hope you are all enjoying these so far, remember that these will be our last big Shebang for 2012! I am looking forward to a New Year of SBS and new friends!

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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Betty Burlesque Sneek Peak - Preview Day 4

Hi, everyone! Day four of the Burlesque Bettys preview. Today's image is more subdued than the others but so lovley!

Today we have Betty Love Song!

My theme for this preview was Halloween!

A Halloween Treat. This is my version of Betty Love Song. I decided to color her dress green like in the Burlesque movie since it went with the color scheme I wanted to use. I love the color combo of lime green, purple, and orange!

The inside of the A Halloween Treat card.

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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Burlesque Bettys Sneak Peak - Preview Day 3

Hello, everybody! It's day 3 of the Burlesque Bettys preview and the images keep getting better and better!

Talk about a HAND-ful of cuties eh? What do you think so far?

Today's cutie is just a HAND-ful of sass! She's sure to lend you a HAND with your "SUPPORT" type cards!

Let's hear it for Betty Hand Bottoms!

For this image I got the theme of Love!

I Love You From Top to Bottom. I immediately thought of pink and black for the color scheme for the Love theme. It wasn't until later that I figured the green would make an awesome combo with them. You can't see it but there is glitter on the hands that are on her outfit. I love my Copic Spica pens!

The inside of my I Love You From Top to Bottom card.

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Monday, November 26, 2012

Burlesque Bettys Sneak Peek - Preview Day 2

Hello, everyone! Day 2 of the Burlesque preview is here! I am having so much fun with these; they are so sassy!

Did you all love yesterday's preview? Was she not the cutest Bad Girl ever?!!

Well today, we'll have you kicking up your heels with....

Betty Kick Up Your Heels!

For today's preview I did a Christmas theme. What do you think?

Naughty or Nice? This is my version of Kick Up Your Heels Betty. She is so sexy, fun, and beautiful! Do you think Santa will think she is naughty or nice....I'm thinking nice. Lol!

I hope you are kicking up your heels with joy, as she'll be available Saturday along with the rest in both Digi (for a limited time) and rubber!
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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Burlesque Bettys Sneak Peak - Preview Day 1

Hello, all! Today is a day I have been looking forward to for a while! This is the beginning of the sneak peeks for a fabulous new stamp line from Simply B Stamps! These stamps are so cool and fun to play with! I sure enjoyed coloring them and making them into cards!

Betty put it perfectly in the description on the Simply Betty Stamps Blog:

Glamour, Dance, and Song....

What would you get from all three clues in our post title?

One heck of a Bettys Line...


Imagine the possibilities with such cute images! As we take you on a tip tap toeing preview week we promise to Dazzle you! These cuties are sure to knock your socks off and have you dancing around the craft room with lots of glitter, flock, and rhinestones!

Today we are going to kick it off with
Betty Bad Girl

To show how versatile these cuties are sure to be, we have each done her up in a different theme.

My theme for Betty Bad Girl was the color scheme of Black, Red, and Cream. Here she is!

You Take the Stage! This is my version of Betty Bad Girl. I had a lot of fun trying to color her hair a blue black. Never done that before! Lol. But I like how it came out.
The red curtains are cut out from cardstock and inked with Red Brick Distress Ink to make them look like they are pleated. Then I added Liquid pearls to make them look like they had fringe. I inked the background paper with Vintage Photo Distress Ink to get a cream color instead of white.
Please hop around and check out the rest of the gal's creations with Betty Bad Girl, each one has a different theme to share!


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Simply Challenged Challenges - Thanksgiving Challenge!

Hello, all! It's time for the second Simply Challenged Challenge of the month and this challenge is a "Thanksgiving" Challenge!

The challenge is to create a centerpiece or place setting for your table!

Here is the centerpiece I created for my table:

This is my Fall Centerpiece. I will be using this on one of my tables for Thanksgiving and the Fall season. I used Fall Breeze Chris for this because I love the pile of leaves and his scarf!

For details, to enter, past winners, and to see more DT inspiration; please visit the SCC Blog!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Steampunk Collection 3!

Hello, all! Happy Friday! It's time for a new Steampunk release from Simply B Stamps!  
Stop by the Simply Betty Blog for all the details!
Today we have an awesome LIMITED in DIGI New Steampunks release! All available now!

Classic Collection 3!

 I had a lot of fun coloring these up! I am usually intimidated by the steampunk images but I just took it one section at a time, and now I can't wait to color some more! I loved all the little details in these and I think you will, too!
These are the creations I have to show you today:
In My World.

Annabel Lee.

Drinking with Skeletons.


Mistress Mary.

Voodoo Child.

To view what everyone on the DT has created stop by each of their blogs!

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Friday, November 9, 2012

Norse Gods - Release Day!

Hello, all! Today is the release day of the Norse Gods collection at Simply B Stamps!!!! I hope all of you will take advantage of getting these images! They are so much fun to work with!

Today's preview consists of the last pair of gods; Chris as Odin and Betty as Figga. Odin was the All-Father in Norse mythology and was the most powerful of the gods. Frigga was his wife and the only other person allowed to sit on Odin's throne where one could see the whole universe.

Here are my creations using Odin and Frigga.

I've Got My Eye on You. This is Chris as Odin. He looks like such a bad*ss with his cape and staff. Lol.

Your Beauty is That of a Goddess. This is Betty as Frigga. She is so elegant and beautiful. It was a pleasure coloring her and putting her on some flowered papers.
Make sure to visit the SBS Blog and the other DT Blogs to see what everyone else created with these amazing images!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Norse Gods Release Preview - Day 3!

Hello, everyone! It's day 3 of the preview for the Norse Gods from Simply B Stamps! These are such fabulously fun images! I hope you get your hands on some to create some amazing projects!

Today's previews will be of Lola as Sif and Rio as Hel,

In Norse mythology, Sif was the wife of Thor, the goddess associated with the earth. Hel was the goddess of the underworld, much like Hades is in Greek mythology. I think that is where the word "hell" comes from.

Here are my creations with these unusual and beautiful ladies:

Enjoy Life's Little Moments. This is Lola as Sif. I thought she would look lovely in some spring colors to go with the golden locks she is supposed to have.

It's Been One of Those Days. This is Rio as Hel. I thought of her as more earthy than deadly, that is why I went with brown instead of black for her colors.

Make sure to visit the SBS blog and the other DT blogs to view what everyone else has created with these!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Norse Gods Release Preview - Day 2!

Hello, all! Today is day two of the previews for the Norse Gods collection at Simply B Stamps!

The next two images are of gods that are a little less known than some of the others but are no less cooler than them. The first is London as Freya. Freya was a Valkyrie; the goddess of war and love. The second is Miller as Heimdall; he was the guardian of the rainbow bridge that connected Asgard to other worlds. You can see him in the movie Thor.

Here are my creations with these to awesome warriors!

I've Got Your Back. This is London as Freya. She is ready to fight along with her vicious kitties! I think she is so cool. One of my favorite gods in Norse mythology because she is not only beautiful but tough!

Oh God! Not Another Birthday. This is Miller as Heimdall. He is awesome with his shield and sword at the ready.
Check out the rest of the DT creations and details about these images at Simply Betty Stamps Blog!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Norse Gods Release Preview - Day 1!

Hi, all! I hope you are all enjoying the start of your week! We have a new release from Simply B Stamps today! And these are some fun images! I know you'll recognize the first two images from this collection. With the unparalleled success of The Avengers, I don't think anyone would not know who these two are.


Here are the first two from the Norse Gods collection; Thor and Loki!

For A Special Little Boy. This is Thor! He is such a fun and fantastic image! Perfect for all those comic book junkies or super hero-worshipping little kids! I went for an old school comic feel to this one and I am pretty happy with the turn out.

Hey There, Trouble Maker! This is Loki! I loved Loki in the movie The Avengers and I must say when I saw this image I was so excited! I had so much fun coloring him!
Please visit the Simply Betty Stamps Blog to see all the details of this release and don't forget to visit the other DT to see what they created with these fantastic images!

Simply Challenged Challenge - Nov 6 - Fall Colors

Hello, everyone! It's time for another Simply Challenged Challenge! The challenge frequency has been changed to every two weeks, to make it easier for everyone to participate. And I think you'll like the extra time you'll have to complete projects!

Now, on to the challenge. This challenge is to use Fall Colors! Use the Fall colors, olive green, mustard and orange, brown, red!

For more details, DT inspiration, and to participate; please visit the SCC Blog.

Here is what I created with the fall colors:

Give Thanks Card. This cute little girl image is Ali and Snuggles. I loved using fall colors for this. I really like the richness that they create together. The papers I used are from DCWV. I used olive green cardstock to mat everything, shape scissors to cut the edges of the striped paper, and buttercup liquid pearls.

Please come and join us at SCC to participate in the fall festivities!

Friday, November 2, 2012

The Betty Blog Hop

Hello, everyone. I am writing this in a very frustrated mood. I cannot, for the life of me, add any pictures to my post. I cannot do much of anything on blogger at the moment; and I don't know if it's blogger or my computer.

Please accept my apologies for not having a project on here.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Betty's Birthday Blog Hop!

Hello, all! I hope you had a safe and funtastic Halloween!

Today I am participating in a blog hop especially for Betty (The Queen of Halloween) Roberts, the proprietress of Simply B Stamps!

Happy Birthday, Betty!!!!

Do you have a Clue... how cool you are?

It's Elementary, My Dear Betty! Wishing you the happiest and most special birthday!

Come and Celebrate Betty's special day with us!