Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Norse Gods Release Preview - Day 2!

Hello, all! Today is day two of the previews for the Norse Gods collection at Simply B Stamps!

The next two images are of gods that are a little less known than some of the others but are no less cooler than them. The first is London as Freya. Freya was a Valkyrie; the goddess of war and love. The second is Miller as Heimdall; he was the guardian of the rainbow bridge that connected Asgard to other worlds. You can see him in the movie Thor.

Here are my creations with these to awesome warriors!

I've Got Your Back. This is London as Freya. She is ready to fight along with her vicious kitties! I think she is so cool. One of my favorite gods in Norse mythology because she is not only beautiful but tough!

Oh God! Not Another Birthday. This is Miller as Heimdall. He is awesome with his shield and sword at the ready.
Check out the rest of the DT creations and details about these images at Simply Betty Stamps Blog!


  1. These are gorgeous, I love the colours you have usedon Aphrodite :o) x

  2. Wow, Celina! Spectacular creations! Love all the details on each and the honeycomb paper on your Freya card is so cool!

  3. outstanding work on these...I love them to bits

  4. oh these are just wonderful Celina....Love them

  5. Eeek!!! Amazing cards!! I love the coloring. London is beautiful with red hair! Miller is totally cute with is blue and silver outfit!!