Friday, November 30, 2012

Betty Burlesque Sneak Peak - Day 6 and a SURPRISE!

Hello, everyone!!! Today is Day 6 of the preview for the Burlesque collection! But wait there is a Surprise today, too! The release is today instead of tomorrow!!!

A bit risque no? Still I think she's going to make for a wonderful anything! Think of the fun guy cards, the funny puns you can come up with! Forget the diamonds... This "pearl" is sure to become your best friend!

...and now for the SURPRISE... It is now officially RELEASE DAY!
WHOOOP! With my system going down for maintenance on Saturday these cuties are releasing a day early...yep that means today Friday Nov. 30th! Whhooohooo!
Now for Betty Pearls I got two themes to complete; Glitzy/Glitter and Halloween!
Here are my versions of Betty Pearls!
Shake Your Tail Feathers! This is Betty Pearls in all her glittery glory! I just had to give her pink hair! She looks like a piece of candy! And yes, the pearls on her are covered in liquid pearls!
Peek-a-Boob! This is Betty Pearls in a darker role. She wants to say Hi for Halloween!

Thank you for sticking with us these past few days, we really appreciate all
your comments and support.

Please check out the DT's awesome creations with the last two!

I must apologize but I do not have the last project ready. I will be posting it before noon today for your viewing pleasure. 

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