Thursday, April 15, 2010

Fab and Frugal Finds

Last Friday I made out with the best deals ever! I found gryngeboard, punches, and the Tim Holtz embossing powder case at amazing prices. I could not believe my luck. I love everything Tim Holtz, as you might already know, so when I find his products on sale it's like a gift from heaven! lol. I also happened upon an unusual ink pad produced by Ranger that is in a vintage style tin and is scented. This one is supposed to smell like bananas! I had never seen one of these before and the tin was so cute that, of course, I had to buy it. Below are photos of my found treasures that I wanted to share.

Gotta love those tins and grungeboard!

Such a cool product! Wonder why I've never seen it before. Must investigate!

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  1. Lovely! What treasures! I know what the high of a good buy feels like! I got a cricut deep blade housing and 5 blades on ebay for $20.00... normally that would be about 60 bux! I want scented stamp pads too! LUCKY! =] They should ALL smell pritty! <3