Thursday, April 15, 2010

Challenges Galore

Hi, again! I wanted to post some layouts I created for various challenges I've entered at First one: the April Scrapbook Challenge - Numbers. The objective of this one is to create a layout associated with numbers. A number or numbers must be in the title or layout somewhere. Pretty Simple. Here is the layout I created for it.

1 Heart. This is a layout of all the numbers in my life. 5 generations in my family; 2 best friends forever; 8 in-laws; 3 children; 2 beautiful daughters; 10 friends; 1 goofyball son; and 4 pets!

The next to layouts are for the Monochromatic Challenge, also at The first is for week #2, the color is pink and the twist is to add some bling. The second is for week #3, the color is purple and the twist is to use nothing but scraps and opened embellishments.

Hat Party! This layout is for my best friend's husband, who was diagnosed with brain cancer. We hat a hat party when he started losing his hair becuase of treatment.

Close-up of the top right corner; shows photos of my best friend and her husband together and one of him with my husband (best friends as well).

Close-up of the bird and its feathers and one of the handmade flowers.

What Do Kitties Taste Like? My son was always trying to taste our cats when we first brought them home. I guess he was going through the "put everything in your mouth" phase!

Close-up of top left. Made most of the flowers from scraps and I stitched scaps together to make the background paper.

Close-up of the lower right. That light purple "flower" is actually the top part of an ice cream die cut. lol.

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  1. Wow Celina!! you have been busy my friend!! love all these lo's!! the first is great!! love the college style!! great job on all your newest creation!!!
    Have a great weekend!!