Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Tick Tock

Hello, all! I got to say that I love garage sales, thrift stores, curb crawling, and the like! Like the saying goes, "One man's trash is another man's treasure." Last weekend I stopped by a few garage sales in my neighborhood. Didn't find too much but I bought quite a few books for my son and a couple of generic plastic clocks. Now, I love clocks and I knew that these would be perfect for altering. I just finished one of them and since the clocks will be hung in my scraproom, of course, I had to keep to the Alice in Wonderland theme. I'm planning to fill at least one wall of my scraproom with clocks! my husband asks how will I be able to concentrate with all that ticking but I find the sound very relaxing and a bit hypnotic. Hopefully the noise won't bother my daughter, whose room is on the same side of the house. lol. Here are the before and after photos! TFL! Enjoy!

Clock Before. I'm sure you've all seen these types of clocks everywhere! They're relatively cheap but it's so much better when you can get them at garage sale prices!

Off With Her Head! clock. I had a blast creating this clock. I replaced the inner circle with diamond patterned paper and stamped gold flourishes on it. I then replaced the plastic cover and added a stamped image of the Queen of Hearts I colored and cut out. I then made some ribbon roses and added them with some leaves and premade mini roses. The letters are Thickers and I painted them over in gold. I also added lock and key jewelry charms.


  1. Terrific, love the words and what you've created. Annette x

  2. That black and white checker rose is so awesome! Great job.