Sunday, May 23, 2010

A New Scraproom!

Good morning, everyone! I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. I have been working hard putting my scraproom together. I painted, built and moved in furniture, and moved all my supplies in to the room! Whew! It was a lot of hard work but so worth it! I wanted to share some photos of my scrap space in the garage as well as of the new room so that you can see what I was working with before. The garage was a good space; big and quiet, but now that the heat has been turned up in Texas, it's no longer very comfortable. The even greater thing about my new scraproom is that all my stuff didn't even fill half! That's means I have to fill it up! lol. I haven't finished completely so you'll probably see a few more photos in the future! Hope you enjoy these.

This was my scrap space in my garage. Yes, the walls are orange (we bought the house this way, not my color choice, lol). As you can see this is organized choas. In addition to the baker's rack and desk, I had two dressers full of supplies.

These are the boxes of wonderful IKEA furniture for my new scraproom. I love IKEA!

These are the EXPEDIT bookcases and desks I purchased for my room. Note the Handy Manny toolbox: my son says he helped put the furniture together with those tools!

This is one side of my storage/desk unit. The other side is quite empty and leaves room for more shopping! Ssshhh! Don't tell my hubby that!

This is the desk I'll be using in my scraproom! I am so happy that I have the use of the internet so close to my scrapping supplies. It's such a time saver.

These are storage cups that I bought at IKEA! I love that I can store all my scissors, pens, and markers here. I should have bought a couple more bars and several more cups but maybe next time.

This is my ribbon storage! I had no idea how many ribbons I actually had. I think storing them this way is not only functional but looks so pretty!


  1. Wow Celina!! I love your new furnitures!!! they are amazing!!

  2. The black is so nice. Good for you!

  3. AWESOME transformation! Wish I could come play with you!

  4. Was looking at scraprooms from and wanted to see more photos and saw you are in COVE! SO thought I would say hi to a neighbor. I live on Fort Hood! Love what you are doing to your room can't wait to see it finished.