Monday, May 17, 2010

It's Monday, Monday!

Don't know why that song popped into my head at this moment. Probably because I really don't like Mondays (comes from dreading to go to school as a kid) and I wanted a pick-me-up and started singing in my head.

Recently, my oldest daughter moved out (very sad for me) and my hubby thought to stave off the sadness I was sure to feel, to give me the use of her room as a scraproom. Now this is a dream come true for me. I've wanted my own scraproom since I first started scrapping, although that's only been a year but I am sure every scrapper wants their own room no matter how long they've been doing it. My hubby has been real sweet about it all. This Saturday he took my shopping for furniture for the room and he let me get a bunch of decorative accents as well. Sunday, he took me to get paint for the room. He'd be helping me paint right now if he wasn't at work. He is such a sweet guy! Anyway... I'll be posting a few photos of the process: before, during, and after. Who knows maybe it will give some inspiration! You may not have a scraproom but you should make your scrap space your own! Below are the before photos! And yes, that wall is lime green and the other walls are each a different color! Also in this post; a layout I completed for a combination of challenges on the Scrap Your Pet Challenge and the Scrap Your Faves Challenge (I chose to scrapliift kaye222's AHOY layout). The layout is dedicated to our dog Max. He was a loyal and loving pet, friend, and family member. Becuase of extrenuating circumstances, we had to give him up for adoption after 10 years of him being in our family. I broke down the day we parted ways. Getting teary-eyed right now! I miss him and I love scrapping the pictures we have of him. Enjoy!

This is the lime green wall that I really don't like! That green just rubs me the wrong way and to think my daughter started with the entire room that color, which I had warned her against doing. She couldn't sleep in the room, the color was so bright! Even in the dark, the color seemed to glow. She then painted each of the other three walls in neutral colors which I thought was much better. She rested easier then. lol!

This is the lime green wall (Ugh!) and the black wall. Although I never liked how this color came out because it resembles navy blue instead of black. I'll painting over this with a glossy black.

This is the door of the room and connection of the black and white walls.

Max layout. This is our dog Max. He was such a great dog. He was the only dog I ever knew that was trained to smile (thanks to my best friend Eva). We miss him every day.

Close-up of the bottom left corner and its embellishments.

Close-up of the top right corner. This shows the title and journaling a bit better.

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  1. You are so lucky!!!!! I wish a had a room!!!!!
    Well, its sad that that your daughter move out.

    Love your lo!!!!!
    Really Awesome!!!!
    I have something for you in my blog!!!!