Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tea Time Tuesday 3-19-2011

Hello, all! What a fabulous morning! I am finally relaxed after finishing up a large amount of homework for my ethics class and I just got some scrappy goodies to play with, so you know what I'll be doing today! But first I must share with you a Wonderland-inspired project that I've been wanting to complete for some time now. It was even on my Unfinished Projects list for Becky's Unfinished Projects Challenge over at Becky's Bits N Pieces from a couple of month's ago! Well I finally got the supplies I needed and I created my very own custom memo board for my scraproom!

This is the memo board before. I bought it on clearance at Hobby Lobby. I love the whimsical look of the frame so I thought it was perfect for what I wanted to do.

Wonderland-Inspired Memo Board. I added batting, covered it with checkered fabric, ran red ribbon in a crisscross pattern and trim around the edges, then added buttons for a tufted look. Now I can hold pictures, notes, and whatnot in my scraproom. And it has places to hold some photos, too!



  1. I left you a wee gift on my Blog. :O)
    Thank-You for being an inspiration.

  2. Fabulous project! love it TFS