Monday, August 5, 2013

Another Whovian Emerges!

Hello, everyone! I hope this day finds you well. I don't know how many of you out there are Whovians, but I wanted to share my son's excitement for the fandom! We recently found Doctor Who (and have caught up on all the new seasons, and started on the classics), and my son (6 years old) has gone bonkers for it. He loves Doctor Who and has begun to ask for all kinds of memorabilia and the like. He wants to wear a bow tie and finagled a sonic screwdriver from me. But as much as he wants Doctor Who merchandise, much of what he wants isn't available to us.

For instance, he wanted a stuffed Doctor Who figure. I have seen some on the Internet, through Etsy and such, but decided I could create my very own Doctor for him. Here is the result of that endeavour:

This is the 11th Doctor. I made him out of felt, stuffed him, and stitched him up. My son now carries him everywhere!
Now school is going to start here on August the 9th. And with my son's new found love of the Doctor, he expressed the wish to have a TARDIS backpack for school. I looked them up on the Internet and found that they were either not in stock in most places or that they were being auctioned off for ridiculous amounts of money. I decided to try to create on for him.

My son's new TARDIS backpack. I purchased an inexpensive blue backpack from a large retailer and used oil-based sharpie markers to draw the design on it. My son is very excited for his first day of school. He can't wait to carry this around! And that makes me feel accomplished! Lol.

Thanks so much for visiting! See you all soon!

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