Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Who's Got the Time?

Hello, crafters! Just wanted to pop in real quick and share an altering project! I altered a clock to put in my scraproom and of course, it's based on Alice in Wonderland. What's more perfect that the White Rabbit chasing his watch for a clock project? So here are the before and after photos for you to enjoy!

This is an IKEA clock I purchased for only $3! When I saw it, I knew it would be perfect for an altering project!

Who's Got the Time? Clock. I took the clock apart and cut out templates for each layer from plain paper. I traced the templates on white cardstock, stampes a check pattern on it and cut out the pieces. I stamped TH rabbit and colored him in and added him, stamped letters, sticker numbers, flowers, and paper mushrooms I drew. I also added a small glass bottle full of blue glitter and a tiny keyhole and key. The seconds hand has a watch glued to it, so that it moves all around the clock.

Close-up of top part of clock.

Close-up of bottom of clock.


  1. What an Amazing clock!!!! I love the colors and the flowers!!!! You did AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it!!!!

  2. That is RAD!!! I want one for my kitchen!

  3. This is SO COOL and most inspiring! Did you have to take the hands off while you worked on it, and if so was it totally OBVIOUS how to put them back on (such that a DIY idiot could do it, nudge nudge wink wink?)

  4. Oh my! That is ingenious! I adore it. I'm not too into Wonderland, but you could do any design on such a simple clock and make it amazing.

  5. LOVE THIS! Omigosh with the Alice in Wonderland stuff in your blog... I am so inspired! ^-^

  6. Oh, originale, cette horloge !
    Trés réussie, so cut !