Saturday, February 15, 2014

It's An SBS Release ~Holiday Teen Scenes~

Hello, everyone! I hope your Valentine's Day is progressed well! Mine went great! Got a Coach purse from the hubby!

We have a new collection of awesomely cool images to release! These are some new Teen Scenes for the holidays! Got a little bit of everything in here!

 Holiday Miller ready for some fireworks on the Fourth!

 Holiday Christian is just ready to cause trouble on Easter!

 This is Holiday Chris. He's such a sweetheart and a perfect partner for Holiday Betty!

 This is Holiday Betty. She is overwhelmed with all the gifts she's gotten for V-Day!

 Here's a card I created with both of Holiday Chris and Betty. I couldn't help it, they belong together!

 This adorable little lady is Holiday Lola. She's showing off her cute bunny tail!

 This is Holiday Rio! Her and her pet bat are the cutest ever!

And this is Holiday Miller. He's full of the Luck O' the Irish!

What do you think? Adorable, aren't they? I had so much fun with these! If you want to get this collection for yourself stop by SBS (You know you want to...)


  1. These are great!! Love that tri-fold card!

  2. Everyone of the cards is simply gorgeous, particularly love Betty and Chris together, you are right they do belong together!