Friday, February 14, 2014

All Hearts Altered Wine Bottle BOX Swap!

Hello, all!  


Today I have something fun to share with you! Over at the SBS Facebook Fan Page, we had a little Valentine's Day Swap. We were each assigned a partner to swap with. For the swap we had to decorate a wine box and fill it with goodies for our swap partner. My swap partner was the oh, so lovely and sweet, Melissa Varga!

Look at all the goodies she sent me! She overflowed the wine box! (There may be a few candies missing, as I could not wait till I took pics, lol.)

Thank You So Much, Melissa!!!

If you'd like to see what everyone got just hop through the names on the list below. If you want to participate in swaps like this, come join the Simply B Stamps Facebook Group!

Betty Roberts:
   with Carmen Shannon ( no blog ) ^ ^ ^
Corinne Jones:
Robin Bogle:
Tanja Charles
Kay Mowat
Anita Blake
Celina Matthews
Lisa Nelson:
Katya Bess:
Emily Shroom
Jackie Maunder:
Jackie Randolph
Trish the dish Sakulich
Sam Slater:
Nia Flannery :
Sandy Smith
Vanessa Bland:
Melissa Varga:


  1. So glad you liked everything. You were a WONDERFUL swap partner! Thank you so much for all the goodies you sent me!

  2. Beautifully decorated box and so many awesome goodies!

  3. Super awesome yay everyone got a great haul

  4. oh Awesome... so many great things...

  5. WOW! That is some really cool goodies! Love the ear cuffs!

  6. Oh my gosh! LOOK AT ALL THAT LOOT!!!!

  7. wow lovely wine box and awesome goodies....have lots of fun! this swap has been awesome!