Tuesday, December 4, 2012

SCC Dec 4th Challenge - Creating Movement!

Hello, all! I have something exciting for you today! We have another fabulous challenge over at the SCC Blog! This one was a real challenge, at least for me, since I have never tried to create movement in the images I use. But let me tell you it was actually a lot of fun! (And not as hard as it looks!)

Okay you ready for another fun, Fantastic Challenge?
Creating Movement Challenge
Pick an image and lets see you create some MOVEMENT!
Today we are joined by the Amazing Ruby Montes
and she is going to help us out with " CREATING MOVEMENT"
Please make sure to check out her Blog as she has a Tutorial for you on there...and leave her some love for helping us all out...
I chose Witchy Boo Betty! She always looked to me as if she was ready to take off!
Fly Away (with Witchy Boo Betty!). I have never used so many colors on one image before but I really like the way it came out! Everyone should try this at least once! I hope everyone who tries this has as much fun as I did!

Simply Challenged Challenges http://simplychallengedchallenges.blogspot.co.uk/
Ruby http://rubyonlywrote.blogspot.com/
Corinne http://wishuponascrap.blogspot.com
Celina http://www.scrapvamp.blogspot.com
Irene http://irenescardcreations.blogspot.com/
Trish http://www.scrappintillthecowscomehome.blogspot.ca/
Trudie http://trudiescakesandcards.blogspot.co.uk/


  1. Fantastic job Celina, Love the image you picked and WOW you did Great creating MOVEMENT!!

  2. Very pretty...love the vibrant colors!

  3. Wow, fantastic stamping and coloring, just amazing. Off to check out the tute!

  4. Awesome..You did an amazing job.