Saturday, February 26, 2011

Saturday Steampunk 2-26-2011

Hello, all! Here I am, ready to share some steampunk-y goodness with you all finally! It seems I've been missing these for some time. If it's not one thing, it's another. So there is a challenge posted at Scraps of Darkness and called the DarkLoveStory Challenge. The challenge is to scrap a tragic love story, such as the ones of Cleopatra and Marc Anthony or Romeo and Juliet. Now I normally would have gone the traditional route with the theme but I then I got this idea....One of my favorite movies is one that was released on the Internet, kind of short, but really good, and a musical! This movie is Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog!

{spoiler alert}

This is a story of Dr. Horrible: he wants to be a super villain and be accepted into the Evil League of Evil. He created trans-matter rays, ice rays and the like but always gets thwarted by his nemesis, Captain Hammer. Captain Hammer is a hero but not the most decent of guys, since he doesn't like the poor and unfortunate all that much. Then comes in Penny, a beautiful do-gooder that Dr. Horrible (as Billy Buddy) meets at the laundromat and falls in love with. He loves her but doesn't have the guts to talk to her until the day that she asks him to sign a petition to save a building to use as a homeless shelter. They become friends after that. One day during one of Dr. Horrible's heists, Penny falls into danger and Captain Hammer saves her life. They begin dating and cause Dr. Horrible complete and utter emotional anguish. After countless failures in evil, the Evil League of Evil sends Dr. Horrible a letter, saying that the only way he'll be accepted now is through murder. The heartbroken Dr. chooses Captain Hammer as his target and during a speech, freezes Captain Hammer and is almost to the point to victory when the freeze ray malfunctions and sets Captain Hammer free. Captain Hammer takes the death ray Dr. Horrible was about to use on him and prepares to kill Dr. Horrible. The death ray explodes sending shrapnel out across the room and killing Penny. Everyone believes Dr. Horrible killed Penny and so he is accepted into the Evil League of Evil and becomes a super villain. Now that Dr. Horrible got what he thought he wanted but lost what he really wanted, the love of his life, will he be happy? I don't think so.

Here is my layout in tribute of this tragic love story:

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog layout. For this page, I used my February Scraps of Darkness kit and an image I got from the Internet that I cut out. The screws are brads that I dipped in bronze UTEE and the large black gears are from the transparency that comes with the Tim Holtz masks. I inked the papers and over the gear masks in the background with Vintage Photo Distress Ink, used some 7 Gypsies Paddington stamps,  and added some Tim Holtz gears.

I hope you enjoyed my telling of the story and I hope you'll find this movie and give it a chance!


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