Saturday, February 12, 2011

Saturday Steampunk 2-12-2011

Hello, all! Boy, has this been a busy month! I've got loads of Valentine's Day and Scraps of Darkness projects to finish up. The 15th is regularly reveal day for SOD and even though the reveal for this month was early, some of the DT decided to reveal their projects on the 15th anyway. So I've been working on that and projects for sharing here next week. What this comes down to though, is that I do not have a Steampunk project to share with you today. I had this really great idea for a steampunk card incorporating the Compendium of Curiosities Challenge for this week (#31) but between projects I am working on, homework, and a very cluttered garage (which I've been meaning to clean for a long while now), I've had no time to work on it. But I do have something steampunky to share with you all; an image that I found on the internet that is perfect for my Steampunk theme here and for Valentine's Day coming up in a couple of days. So here is my Valentine to you all!

You Make My Heart Pump and My Gears Turn!
Such a cool steampunk valentine! The artist's name is R. Sandberg at DeviantArt.


  1. Hey look at that...a tin heart lol!! Cool!

  2. Celina! This is so AWESOME!!! I love it!