Friday, September 19, 2014

Sweeter Than Sugar

Hello, sweeties! It's time for another Facebook Fan Page Challenge over at SBS! You have to come see these new images and join in on the fun! If you love sweets as much as I do, you're not going to want to miss these!

Are you ready for a new and Awesome Fan page Challenge?

Betty as drawn up some fun images again for our fan page challenge!  They are just SWEET!  Let's meet them all..

Bettina Buttercup

 Bon Bon Melissa

 Cherry Cordial Corinne

 Princess Cupcake Rio

 Princess Gumdrop Cynthia

 Peppermint Queen Betty

You know you love them!  Ok let's get down to challenge business!

Like the last time use all 6 images and you will receive store credit to match your actual purchase!  Let me explain this...if you got a credit for $8 because you used all 4 images for the last Fan Page Challenge, and are getting all 6 images this month, this means your actual purchase for this month is only $4.  Why? Well because you've already gotten credit for 4 of them which was your $8 from last month, therefore your credit is only good for what you actually purchase out of pocket!  This would be $4 you would be paying out of pocket for all 6 images once the $8 credit has been applied.

Next by popular votes the winner will receive October's Fan page challenge images free should you be voted the winner by our friends and fans with the voting system!

Are you ready to get started?  Or course you are let's see what the challenges are for each image!

Peppermint Queen Betty
Color Combo: brown, red, and white

Princess Cupcake Rio use a bow

Queen Cherry Cordial Corinne use ribbon or lace

Princess Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Bettina use either dies or punches  

BonBon Melissa use any kind of embossing  

Queen Gumdrop Cynthia use liquid pearls

Are those fun or what?  Remember you must use each challenge guideline for each image.
Challenge ends on October 16th and voting begins.  Voting ends on the 19th and a new fan page challenge begins on the 21st!  Good luck, have yourselves some SUH-weet fun!

Make sure to stop by the SBS Blog to get all the details and to check out all the beautiful work by the DT and our special guests!






Lisa H



 Cynthia (you have to visit the SBS Blog for this one)

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  1. Hi Celina! Well I have sorta dropped off the radar for awhile and just had to come see what you were up to. I still see you are creating beautiful images with these stamps. I think you have found your passion.

    Hope all is going well with you! Miss ya!