Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A New To Do List

Hello, all. Sorry that I haven't posted much these past weeks but with the holidays and visiting family, I haven't had much time to scrap. I even missed a couple of the Compendium of Curiosities challenges and you know I love those! Well I am writing today because a friend of mine, Becky aka AuntJo at made a post on her blog, Becky's Bits N Pieces, about unfinished projects and getting them done. If you want to see her specific post, click here. I want to write out a list of projects that I want to complete this year.... well maybe we won't go that far. How about "projects I want to complete in the near future?" lol. I agree with Becky that if we support and encourage each other, we may be able to get the things we put off completed. And I think if I write out this list of mine, it will solidify them in my mind and I may not forget about them so easily. Well, here goes.

2011 Scrappy To Do List

1. Finish at least three of the incomplete scrap albums I have on my shelf
2. Complete aTim Holtz Configuration project
3. Make a quilted bulletin board for my scraproom
4. (Try to, since I don't know how to sew) Make a Cricut cover for my Cricut Expression
5. Purge my unneeded/unwanted scrap supplies (This may not ever happen!)
6. Create a Valentine ornament (before Valentine's day)
7. Complete a few of The Color Room pages I wanted to do
8. Enter the Scrap to the Music Challenge (at least once)
9. Put up some shelves in my scraproom

I think I will leave it at that. I don't want to overwhelm myself! lol!

I hope that you will feel inspired to complete those unfinished projects you may have hidden in the corners of your creative space.


  1. Happy New Year to you and your family!

  2. Fantastic idea!
    I need to make one myself...
    #1 is: Complete Wedding Album
    I'll need to poke around my studio and see what else I need to add (read: forgot to do).

  3. Hey glad to see you are joining in! I know we can get these things done! Hugs to ya!