Friday, October 15, 2010

A Fanciful Twist Halloween Party & A Giveaway!

Hello, all. And welcome to my Halloween Party Ala A Fanciful Twist! It's just a mite early but I have errands to run in the morning and didn't want the chance of me forgetting to post. If you'd like to visit others celebrating today, please visit A Fanciful Twist, the participants are listed on the left-hand side of her blog. Thanks, Vanessa for putting this all together!

I will be participating in one other blog party this month, the Tea Party Under the Halloween Moon, and I decided to have a rather large giveaway to combine them both. I will have two posts where you may leave a comment and enter the giveaway; this being one of them and the other will be the post for the tea party (in one week). Become a follower (or let me know if you are all ready a follower), leave a comment on either of the two posts, and you will be entered into a random drawing for the prize below! I will draw the lucky winner on October 31st and announce the winner here on my blog on November 1st! Below is a picture of what you can win. There's a little bit of everything; some handmade flowers, vintage ribbons, paper, and loads of stickers!

Now on to the festivities! Here is a little story for you all! I hope you enjoy it!
Now it is nearing the creepiest, spookiest, most frightening (and fun) time of year and I suddenly received a visit from a jovial character with an oddly shaped head. He introduced himself as Jack and smiled (I think it's a permanent affliction). He told me of a place where the creepy crawlies, ghosts and ghouls, witches, vampires, and all manner of spooky folk gathered to get ready for Halloween night (Everyone has to be in tip top scaring shape!). Well, you know I was interested in visiting this place and so asked Jack to give me directions to it. He smiled...(it was starting to get a little weird) and told me where to go.

I had to first go through a pumpkin patch growing in a cemetery. There I was to find the largest pumpkin (Jack said I couldn't miss it. That pumpkin would be the biggest I had ever seen, not to mention that it would have a door). All I had to do was go in, follow a long corridor, and enter the door at the end, and I would see this haunting world. I started on my way, stopped and turned back to Jack and asked, "I'll be able to get back all right, won't I?" He just smiled and vanished. (Hmmm....that last smile didn't seem genuine.)
So against my good judgement I started on my Halloween adventure. I found the cemetery easily enough and spotted the pumpkin patch right away. But I didn't see any abnormally large pumpkin (or any type of gourd) anywhere. I started to think that Ole' Jack had played a trick on me when I walked straight into the biggest pumpkin I'd ever seen! Almost broke my nose! Now how did that get there? 
I saw a door and thought nothing of opening it and going in. Inside there was nothing but a long hallway covered in framed pictures of strange smiling pumpkin-headed people. I think I was looking at Jack's extended family here. I eased my way down the hall, stopping only to gaze at some of the more interesting portraits. When it seemed like forever (and that seemed strange, since I didn't think pumpkins could be so wide) I found the door at the end of the hall. I opened it a crack and peeked in but couldn't see much through the cobwebs. The cobwebs should have tipped me off that there would be spiders but I just wasn't thinking straight. I entered into a forest of sorts and stubbed my toe on a tombstone with "Beware of the Black Widow" on it.
I though that it was strange to bury someone and not use their name on the tombstone. I know black widows are women who kill their husbands but just to call her Black Widow seemed strange. Once the throbbing of my big toe subsided I went on my way. I had to move lots of web from my path and don't you just hate the stickiness of it. It feels like you'll never get it off! There was a persistent strand that I could not get off my arm when I felt a slight tug. At first it was a slight tug, at least. Then I was whooshed to a rather large and intricate web. I guess I had found Black Widow. Not a psycho wife but a real spider. And a giant one at that!
Eeek! All I could think of was that I was soon going to be wrapped up and sucked dry by this gargantuan arachnid. I hate spiders, so it seemed ironic that one would be the death of me. The spider gracefully wound its way near me and looked at me with its beady (and many) little eyes. It moved closer an whispered "Have you seen a giant fly on your travels?" I must have gone mad from terror because one, the spider spoke and two, it didn't eat me. I told the spider no, I had not seen any giant flies and cautiously asked if she was Black Widow. She laughed and said "Goodness, no. That would be my sister. My husband's alive and kicking. I'm called Arachne and I guard the entry to the Halloween meeting place." So I am not allowed in, I asked her and she says she's not supposed to allow anyone past but she thinks I'm rather nice and she'll let me pass if I promise to stay hidden and only have a peek. I promise and she lowers me down with her long spindly legs (shudder).

I turn a corner in the path and wander into an open space in the woods. There were tables set up and all manner of fall decorations were hanging from the trees. The tables were heavy with so many delicious looking sweets and treats; bowls of candy, cakes, cookies, and pies!
I quickly duck behind a gnarled up old tree and peek around its trunk. The view was amazing! I saw witches cackling around a large bubbling cauldron, teasing up their hair and putting warts on their faces. I saw mummies wrapping each other in linen bandages. I spotted some vampires mending their capes and sharpening their fangs. Jack had been right. This was where all of Halloween got prepared for that one frightening night.
Can you believe it? There was even a vampire Pomeranian waiting to be groomed. He was so darn adorable but his teeth looked awful sharp (I wonder if he looks for unsuspecting cats to drain).
There were zombies in one area of the woods ripping their clothes and covering them with blood. I guess they wanted to look their very scary best. There were little boy zombies and girl zombies, too. All so very frightening.
Some were dressed punky and were none to happy, while others were dressed up like they had a party to go to. There was even a zombie that looked like a prom queen. 
Well the zombies soon started to sniff around like they were looking for something delicious. They bumped into each other moving as fast as their reanimated bodies could go (which wasn't all too fast) and when they started coming in the direction of the tree I was hiding behind, I realized it was me that was they sniffing. I was delicious! (To them!). So I scurried backwards till I hit another tree with my back, did a quick pivot and high-tailed it out of that clearing and onto the path I had come from. I passed through thick sheets of cobwebs and past Ms. Spider, who had caught her giant fly (Gross!), and back through the hallway door. I shut the door behind me but I could hear something coming towards it on the other side, so I ran as fast as I could down the long corridor (not stopping to look at the portraits this time) and didn't stop until I had the front door closed behind me, too. As soon as the door closed behind me the pumpkin vanished and I knew I was safe.
I walked back through the pumpkin patch and out of the cemetery and back to my safe little house. I was so relieved to be back home that I sat down on my sofa with a great sigh. If I ever saw Jack again I would be sure to give him a talking to about sending unsuspecting people to a place that zombies were looking for a snack! (Of course, maybe I shouldn't have been so curious, but I'll never admit that).

I hope all of you have enjoyed this little Halloween Party journey. Make sure to come back to see who wins the prize! Have fun visiting all the participants for this blog party and Happy Halloween!


  1. Good story, fun post!!
    I am a follower. :) Maybe I will get lucky, Hehe.
    I edited my big blog candy...for posting purposes, perhaps you want to add to your side bar and/or post about it for another chance.

    I have a pre-party post up tonight...I saw it, there will be another tomorrow and a follow-up on Sunday. hope you will visit all three days...tomorrow is the giveaway though.

    PS...please let me know when your books arrive.

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    have a magical party blog cruise!

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