Saturday, September 20, 2014


Hello, everyone!

It is with a sad heart that I am typing this but I will not be creating or crafting any more, any time soon. I am selling my ENTIRE stock of craft and scrapping supplies due to me not having room for it all anymore. My eldest is coming home after graduation and I need to clear space for her.

I may create things here or there but that will be a long while in the future, I think. I have resigned from my design teams because it would not be fair to ask them to wait since I have no idea when (or where) I will possibly craft again. Lol.

So if you are interested in some great deals on crafty items (this is a whole lot of stuff), please friend me on facebook, if you are not already a friend and take a look at all the goodies. I will be adding more stuff every day, till I get rid of it all.

Thank you all for your support and interest all these years! I hope it won't be too long before I am back here creating with you all!

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